Are you thinking to fly with your pet in Alaska Airlines? If yes then you must check the major points about the Alaska Airlines Pet Policy because this is very vital to know about the requirements of the pet travel with this airline. Therefore, take a look on the complete information this concern. Pets are the most precious aspects for the people and people in the United States love to fly with pets in Alaska Airlines.

Pet Travel Rules of Alaska Airlines to Know:

1). As a flyer you must at least 18 years old to travel with your pet in the cabin of Alaska Airlines.

2). Passengers who are with pet not able to seat on an emergency exit row seat, bulkhead and any seat along with an airbus.

3). In the first-class cabins only one pet carrier per passenger allowed for the passengers and for the main cabin around five pet carriers are allowed for the passengers.

4). Only Small dogs, cats and household birds are allowed in the pet policy of the Alaska Airlines Flights.

5). If you have same breed and same size pets then you can fly with these pets in one pet carrier only.

6). Your pet age must be around 8 weeks old to fly with your pet.

7). The pet travel fee in Alaska Air is $100 for each way.

Bottom Line:

Therefore, this is all about the pet reservations rules basic rules that you must know before going to fly with the pet in the Alaska Airlines and you must follow these rules to make sure the pet travel in a right manner. Alaska is the leading airline of the United States and popular for the pet travel in the main cabin.