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Delta flights offer first-class services to passengers and guarantee flexibility in terms of departure and arrival times, to make the flight experience even better.

The Delta Flights Booking Online ranks first in the annual review of FlightStats, which includes 250 airlines around the world. Delta Air Lines was titled the "most punctual airline in the world" among the leading operators by the Flightglobal aviation data and analysis company, which develops FlightStats. Delta is the first US airline to obtain this distinction of leader in the industry in nine years.

In 2017, Delta's main operation achieved that 85.94 percent of the flights arrived within the 14-minute window of the scheduled arrival time, a definition widely used in the industry as a punctuality parameter according to FlightStats.

"We are proud of what Delta employees have been able to achieve in serving our customers to drive a global, safe and reliable operation," said Gil West, Delta's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "The results reported by FlightStats are received humbly, but it is further proof that Delta employees around the world are redefining operational excellence with the help of Delta Airline Phone Number assistance. Congratulations to all Delta employees who come to work every day looking for ways to make significant improvements in the airline and they continue to differentiate us from our competitors."

Delta was also recognized as the most punctual airline in North America, a title that also includes the Delta Connection regional operation. FlightStats reports that Delta, along with its regional partners, managed to get 84.06 percent of flights to arrive on time in 2017, according to FlightStats analysis of flight status and arrivals data from more than 600 sources and global databases.

Delta transports more than 180 million customers annually, on approximately 5,000 mainline flights and Delta Connection flights. The airline achieved its great operational performance in 2017 despite a series of hurricanes in the United States and the Caribbean and a snowstorm at Delta's largest operations center in Atlanta in December. Even so, Delta surpassed several company brands, including a record of 242 days in 2017 without a major flight cancellation and 90 days in which the mainline and Delta Connection did not cancel any flights.

Delta Airlines is a company that has managed to catch up with one of the great American companies such as American Airlines. Their service on board is excellent, the treatment of the crew, the food they serve and the services of the plane. They have assistance to the traveler, not only during the flight but also before it and provide Book Delta Airlines Reservations Phone Number in advance. Any questions that arise about visas, passports, and papers required to enter the country help you without a problem. You can request help through its website or by calling.

In addition to not having had any fatal accidents for the last twenty years, Delta Air Lines has a fleet of 800 aircraft, the second largest in the world. It is based in Atlanta and continues to grow by focusing on reliability.