Eva Airlines

Flying with the most prestigious airline of the North America is Eva Airline. Yes, you can now take a look on the things that you must know about Eva Airlines because as a flyer of any airline you must have an appropriate information about the airline before going to fly with this airline. Here is the list of major things;

Things to Know About Eva Airlines Flights:

1). Let’s check the information about founded and commenced operation year of Eva Flights. Well, the airline was founded in 8 March 1989 and commenced operations on 1 July 1991.

2). Eva Stands for “Evergreen Airways” and the airline is known for the neat and clean or top hygiene-based services during the travel.

3). The information about main hub of the airline also come in the list of must know fact for the passengers and the airline has only single hub that is known as the Taipei-Taoyuan. For this hub, you can consider the booking at the Eva Airlines Official Site .

4). Don’t think, Eva not have any focus cities for operations because this is the myth in your mind and right now Eva has 4 focus cities and these are Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Taipei.

5). The next must have information or thing about the Eva Flights is the frequent flyer program of the airline and the airline FFP known as the Infinity Mileage Ands.

6). Last but not the least Eva is the member of Star Alliance. You can book the affordable tickets of Eva at the Flights Fares Deal