Southwest Airlines

Southwest is the major airline of the United States and when you want to fly with this airline then the major things about Southwest Airlines Reservations are very vital for you that you can’t ignore as a flyer or common flyer of these airlines. What are these? Check in this article.

1). Where is Southwest Airline Headquarter?

The first question or major concern that every passenger must know about the Southwest Air is the Headquarter of the airline. Dallas, Texas is the main headquarter of the airline and from this place, airline operates all financial and fleet options.

2). Founded and Commenced Operation Dates of Airline:

March 15, 1967 is the birthdate of the Southwest Airlines Flights and that’s why the airline also come in the list of major old airline of the United States. After 10 years of founded year, Southwest Air commenced operations in 1971.

3). Operating Bases of Southwest Air:

Many operating bases serviced by the Southwest Airlines and these are Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Oakland, and Phoenix as well. You can see the updated deals and offers of these hubs of Southwest at the Southwest Airlines Official Site as well.

4). Fleet Size of Southwest Airlines:

730 is the Fleet Size of the Southwest Airlines Reservations and that’s why airline is also the top airline of the United States in terms of Fleet Size.